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Alignment Rockford

Alignment Rockford is an organization that supports the improvement of academic and lifelong success for youth and students in Rockford by engaging partners across the community in programs and initiatives that respond to gaps and needs identified by Rockford Public School District 205.

Our Work

Our work supports students from the moment they are born until they enter college or start the career of their dreams. It’s truly a team effort, with partners from RPS 205, the business and nonprofit communities, neighborhoods, and grassroots initiatives all working together to design and launch programs that meet the biggest needs.

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Early Childhood

School readiness paves the way for academic and lifelong success. Our littlest kids have big potential and we want to make sure they are ready to learn. Our focus on early childhood gets kids ready to start kindergarten strong.

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Supporting Students

Learning happens at different paces. Discover resources and support to help every student stay on track and reach their potential.

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Connecting Community

Alignment Rockford creates systemic change by connecting community resources around issues affecting students and families in the community.


Alignment Rockford supports students and families with resources and information to help in the educational journey. Find parenting advice, local family support services, homework help, and learning resources here.

Get Involved

A community relies on its public schools. Businesses need a strong school system to recruit talent and develop the next generation of leaders. Community leaders know that education drives economic development. Neighborhoods want great schools for their families. When we focus on our schools, we all win.

Alignment Rockford brings us all together to make a difference. Get involved with Alignment and make a big impact!


Better Together

Our potential is achieved because of the great people and organizations who support Alignment Rockford. Thank you to our donors who make it all possible!

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#ThrowbackThursday to when Alignment Rockford was a vision that became a reality! Our healing- centered approach to students and families has helped transform the lives of students across Rockford. It's incredible to see our vision become a reality, thanks to our dedicated team and supporters!... Together, we'll continue to make a profound impact on education in our community. #AlignmentRockford #StudentSuccess #SupportingSuccess

Did you know that The Basics program by Alignment Rockford is transforming early childhood development? We are empowering families to ensure every child is fully prepared for Kindergarten. The Basics: 5 simple, research-backed practices to nurture kids aged 0-18 months. Join the movement for ...brighter futures! Learn more by clicking the link below. #EarlyChildhoodEducation #TheBasics #ThriveTogether

Did you know that one in four students in Rockford Public Schools has experienced a traumatic event?

That is why at Alignment Rockford, we are taking a Healing-Centered Student Support framework to helping area youth do better in school and life. This approach can recognize the impact ...trauma has on an individual student, and in turn, provides one-on-one support and resources to positively impact that student’s ability to learn and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

We want students to reach their full potential and we need the community’s help! Become a part of the healing-center student support coalition. This is a coalition of agencies and organizations that we are building to help move the needle on solving the difficult challenges students face around education in our community. Click here to sign up:

New parent? We've got you covered! Alignment Rockford's Ready to Learn New Parents Program is your ally for support and resources for your child's educational journey. Explore the link below to discover how you can invest in your child's education from day one. Let's embark... on this exciting journey together! #AlignmentRockford #StudentSuccess #SupportingSuccess

THROWBACK THURSDAY! Since our founding in 2009, Alignment Rockford has come a long way. Our resources and healing centered student support have grown, creating a positive ripple effect across the Rockford area. From humble beginnings, we've expanded to continue transforming educational ...outcomes for children. Join us in celebrating the progress we've made and look forward to a brighter future! #TBT #AlignmentRockford #SupportingSuccess

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