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Alignment Rockford

Alignment Rockford is an organization that supports the improvement of academic and lifelong success for youth and students in Rockford by engaging partners across the community in programs and initiatives that respond to gaps and needs identified by Rockford Public School District 205.

Our Work

Our work supports students from the moment they are born until they enter college or start the career of their dreams. It’s truly a team effort, with partners from RPS 205, the business and nonprofit communities, neighborhoods, and grassroots initiatives all working together to design and launch programs that meet the biggest needs.

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Early Childhood

School readiness paves the way for academic and lifelong success. Our littlest kids have big potential and we want to make sure they are ready to learn. Our focus on early childhood gets kids ready to start kindergarten strong.

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Supporting Students

Learning happens at different paces. Discover resources and support to help every student stay on track and reach their potential.

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Connecting Community

Alignment Rockford creates systemic change by connecting community resources around issues affecting students and families in the community.


Alignment Rockford supports students and families with resources and information to help in the educational journey. Find parenting advice, local family support services, homework help, and learning resources here.

Get Involved

A community relies on its public schools. Businesses need a strong school system to recruit talent and develop the next generation of leaders. Community leaders know that education drives economic development. Neighborhoods want great schools for their families. When we focus on our schools, we all win.

Alignment Rockford brings us all together to make a difference. Get involved with Alignment and make a big impact!


Better Together

Our potential is achieved because of the great people and organizations who support Alignment Rockford. Thank you to our donors who make it all possible!

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Face of Alignment Rockford: JILLISA BONDURANT 🌟

Meet one of the dynamic "Faces of Alignment Rockford" you'll encounter in the community—Jillisa Bondurant. As our new Early Childhood Mental Health and Data Project Manager, Jillisa is at the forefront of expanding the ...Early Development Instrument (EDI) and spearheading the Universal Newborn Support System-- Universal Newborn Home Visiting- research team.

Her mission? To build a robust support pipeline for healthy developmental growth for children from birth to age five.

With a rich background in nonprofit management, especially in supporting families and children affected by trauma, Jillisa has been a beacon of leadership and advocacy. From expanding missions at Children's Safe Harbor, to driving initiatives at Winnebago County CASA, her journey is marked by a commitment to community, collaboration, and change.
Jillisa's vision for her role is clear: "Aligning people around the data to inform our initiatives and support our school district as a whole." With her eyes set on an Executive MBA from Northern Illinois University and her heart dedicated to making a difference, Jillisa is poised to enhance our community's approach to early childhood development. When you see Jillisa out in the community, give her a high-five! She is working hard for the kids and families of our community.

Together, we're set to make a lasting impact on the lives of our children and families. 🎉

Alignment Rockford is positively impacting students’ education with our Healing-Centered Student Support movement. We are launching the program in eight pilot schools to tackle trauma from a systemic perspective, underlining the interplay of a student’s home, school, and community that places ...students at the center of their own growth and success.

Click the link to learn more and get involved!

Are you a new parent? Alignment Rockford is your ally for support and resources for your child's educational journey with our Ready to Learn initiative! Click the link below to discover how you can invest in your child's education from day one. Let's embark on this exciting journey ...together!

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