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    "Generally, we think of purpose as something young adults discover in life by exploring their own interests and values and the different ways they can contribute to the world. But research suggests that some of the foundations of purpose may be built in early childhood."

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    Five Childhood Experiences That Lead to a More Purposeful Life

    Research suggests that our paths to finding purpose can be shaped by early childhood experiences.

    For the next month, we will be starting an Early Childhood Learning series where we will share weekly posts to highlight the importance of early childhood development and education!

    To start this series off, we want to share a few pictures from the Countdown to Kindergarten event at the ...Discovery Center Museum last month. Future kindergarteners got to take part in a variety of activities and families were given information on community resources from local organizations.

    #KindergartenReady #EarlyChildhoodEducation

    We want to set children up for success from the very beginning, this is why we've partnered with UW Health and RPS 205 to provide new parents at UW Health SwedishAmerican with “Ready to Learn With the Basics" kits to encourage healthy development.

    To learn more about our work ...visit

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    UW Health provides free child development kits

    Studies show development in a child at an early age is crucial, and if not done properly can damage their future.