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    At Alignment Rockford, we work to bring together strategic partners from corporate, civic, political, religious, and social entities to challenge and address systemic barriers our students face. We stand for the equitably growth, development, and academic achievement of every RPS 205 student! Learn... more about why we are passionate about student success:

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    Our friends at Severson Dells Nature Center have great ideas for sharing The Basics outdoors. 🌳

    Taking care of yourself by maximizing love and managing stress allows healthy bonding with your children. Healthy attachment bonds with loving caregivers help young children feel confident to... explore, learn and grow.

    Playing together is one way to relieve stress. Take time to visit Severson soon to explore the woods, the prairie, and their fantastic natural playground. 🌳❤️

    THROWBACK THURSDAY! Take a look at these photos from our launch of Ready to Learn! Ready to Learn is a community-wide early childhood initiative comprised of organizations, businesses, and individuals. Click here to learn more about our partnerships: ...

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Do you want to invest in the success of our future generations? Alignment Rockford needs your help! Put your listening skills and your commitment to equity, diversity, and respect for all to use as a facilitator for our parenting classes. Support our Ready to Learn initiative and... spark systemic change!

    Alignment Rockford has collected hundreds of signatures in declaration of the interdependence of the community around education. The piece that we have collected signatures on is one-half of a diptych called "The Symbol of Yin and Yang." The final piece will be hung in the 3rd floor of ...the RPS 205 administration building-- and will be the first thing our RPS 205 Board of Education members and anyone else attending board meetings will see when they exit the elevator on the way to the board room.

    Education is the responsibility and care of all.

    Join us at Rockford University this Thursday to celebrate International Day of Peace with words from Naomi Tutu that envision peace, harmony, and interdependence.