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The Healing-Centered Student Support approach acknowledges the deep impact of trauma on learning. It addresses all factors that influence a child’s ability to learn and succeed, both within and beyond the school environment.

We invite the entire community to join us as we support students throughout their lifelong learning journey. 

The Effects of Trauma on Academic Outcomes

To maximize learning, students must be adequately prepared for school. However, many children face challenges at home, in their communities, or due to economic factors that hinder their readiness. 

Trauma significantly affects learning  

Recent studies reveal that traumatic experiences can impair crucial skills such as concentration, memory, and organizational abilities. These impacts extend to foundational learning skills, including language and communication abilities, self-regulation of attention and emotions, and effective information processing. Trauma can also disrupt the development of a coherent sense of self and the capacity for creative play, vital for handling daily challenges.

Traumatized children might perceive school as a threatening environment, leading to disruptive behaviors. These behaviors, often stemming from an inability to process social cues and express feelings appropriately, can cause confusion and lead to reduced learning time and strained relationships with teachers and peers. Additionally, trauma can negatively affect children’s relationships, making them distrustful and socially delayed, which hinders their ability to form healthy relationships with teachers and peers. 

Healing-Centered Student Support

The Healing-Centered Student Support (HCSS) framework aims to tackle these issues by prioritizing students and recognizing the importance of community involvement in supporting student outcomes. Implemented in eight pilot schools and their communities, HCSS seeks to empower and uplift students. It encourages collaboration and shared objectives among all stakeholders, acknowledging the systemic nature of trauma. The framework uses a community-wide approach to address the root causes of trauma and empower students. 

Our Work

Our efforts encompass eight pilot schools across five geographic areas. They involve school-based and community support teams that align resources to create healing-centered environments. These teams integrate community wrap-around support for school communities. This initiative focuses on the comprehensive experiences of students and their families, emphasizing reinvestment, racial healing, and expanded responsive support. 

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