Talk, Sing, Point with Preschooler

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Talk, Sing, Point with Your Preschooler

Tips for using the activities below:

  • Activities can be done in the language that the parent is most comfortable speaking.
  • Words can always be added, the more words, the more that is added to a child’s vocabulary.
  • Use your fingers and hands to point to objects when speaking.
  • Anything spoken can always be sung as well. Singing adds even more interest for young children.
  • Remember all children develop at their own pace! Activities can be modified for all age groups.


1. Go on a nature walk:

Take a walk around your neighborhood or a park.  Point to different animals, plants, or objects. Ask your child what it is. If they do not know, tell them.  Ask your child open-ended questions about what you pointed to.

“What is that on the tree?” “It is a squirrel.” “How did the squirrel get in the tree?”
“What do you think the squirrel feels like?” 

“What is that yellow flower?” “It is a dandelion.” “How does it grow?” “Why are there so many?”

2. Talk and point at pictures together with your child:

Show your child pictures of family, friends, or from special days.  You can look at pictures in your house, in a book, or on your phone.  

Point to people and ask who they are. Ask what was happening that day or where they were at.

3. Set the table together:

Talk with your child and show them how to set the table.  Point to places or items to describe things or give them names.  Ask them questions about why they are doing what they are doing and how to do things differently.  You can also add rhymes to objects your child is using and make a song.

“What rhymes with plate?”  
“This is a napkin.” “Put the napkins next to the plates.”
“This is a fork.” “Put the fork on top of the napkin.”
“We need something to drink, what should we use for that?”

Activities Prepared by:

Circles of Learning

Circles of Learning is a child care center in Rockford, IL providing care and early education to children 6 weeks through 5th grade. Our program collaborates with the Rockford Public School District to offer a pre-k program for students 3 to 5 years of age.


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