Talk, Sing, Point with Toddler

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Talk, Sing, Point with Your Toddler

Tips for using the activities below:

  • Activities can be done in the language that the parent is most comfortable speaking.
  • Words can always be added, the more words, the more that is added to a child’s vocabulary.
  • Use your fingers and hands to point to objects when speaking.
  • Anything spoken can always be sung as well. Singing adds even more interest for young children.
  • Remember all children develop at their own pace! Activities can be modified for all age groups.


1. Put items in a box and name them:

Collect 5 to 8 items and place them in a box (or something similar).  Have your child take one out and ask them what it is. If your child knows the name, repeat it verifying that they are correct.  If your child does not know the name or is not talking, give them the name of the object.

Expand on what the object is.  Ask questions about what it looks like or what it does.  Repeat this with the other objects in the box

Example: “It’s a car.” “What color is the car?”  “The car is red.”  “What does the car do?”  “The car drives fast on the floor.”

2. Talk and point at the grocery store:

With your child sitting in the cart, take time while walking around the grocery store to talk and point.  Notice all the different items, colors, shapes, and sizes.  Give the names of the items and ask questions. Make it feel like a game.

“Look here is a banana.”
“Can you find a red fruit?”
“This can is big and this can is small.”
“Look the
cereal is in a box.”

3. Label and rhyme items in the world around you:

Whether you’re at home, outside, or in the car, you can find items in your child’s view.  Point to items and give them a name.  Then take the name and rhyme it with other words.  You can also sing the words as you rhyme.

Point and say, “That is a chair.” “Chair, hair, wear.”
Point and say, “That is a sign.” “Sign, mine, twine”
Point and say,  “That is the floor.” “Floor, more, roar”

Activities Prepared by:

Circles of Learning

Circles of Learning is a child care center in Rockford, IL providing care and early education to children 6 weeks through 5th grade. Our program collaborates with the Rockford Public School District to offer a pre-k program for students 3 to 5 years of age.


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